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Things to be considered when children are going to do homework

  1. Have they eaten, had a drink and used the washroom before?
  2. Have they had some exercise recently or do they need to let out some energy first?
  3. Set a timer and then let them take a quick break when the timer goes off to continue their work. (if they are younger, the length of working time is shorter than if they were older. For example, 4-6 years old 10-15 minutes of working time with a 5-minute break. 6-8 about 20-30 minutes of working time with a 5-minute break.)
  4. For the older children, allow them to pick the time that they feel they study best. For example "Jacob, you will have to do homework for about 30 minutes every day. Would you like to do it before dinner or after dinner?
  5. Sometimes as adults, we get tired when we have to do work, so give your child the option if they'd like to close their eyes to refresh for 5 minutes and then continue. 

Giving the older children more choices about when to complete their homework, increases their responsibility. And remember, if there's a time or 2, or 4, that they go to school with their homework incomplete, let them see what the consequences would be from their teacher and how they felt about it in class if their classmates finished their homework but they didn't. Then speak to them about their feelings when they get home and ask them ways that would help them to complete their homework.

Also, be sure to point out their hard work when you see it. "Wow, I noticed you finished your homework in 15 minutes today, that shows concentration." -"I saw you were really involved in your homework today and wanted to get it done fast, that shows determination." 7. Using statements like "When you_____ then you______." For example: "When you finish your homework, then you can read your favorite book before bed tonight." -


Sometimes asking your child how you can help them or if there is anything they need help with, may just be the question they want to hear to get over that little bump they're facing at the time. We as adults don't always know the answers, the same goes with children. But ensuring you always show them love and support, even in their difficult times, will encourage them to open up more to you and feel that love.


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